Yearly Horoscope 2022

With the start of every year, our tensions skyrocket. We tend to think about what we can change this year and where we must indulge and splurge, and amidst all of that, we forget to take care of ourselves. The Yearly Horoscope Prediction Report focusses on providing you with detailed information regarding your year month- wise, starting from your birthday for two years! You can know about each and every major event that will happen in your life and at what precise time through the accurate predictions of the Yearly Horoscope Report for two years!

The three models available at Future Point for Yearly Predictions 2022 are: Available: English, Hindi Varients: Basic, Premium, Premium + Compare Feature & Sample
1249 624Basic
1624 812Premium
3100 2790Premium +

Yearly Horoscope 2022



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Basic Horoscope Details

Janam & Varsh Lagna Charts

Saham(sign, degree, lord, date)

Varsh Yoga & Predictions

Year Lord Predictions

Muntha Lord Predictions

Ascendant Lord Predictions Detailed

Monthly Predictions for The Year

Personalized Transit Reading

Year Specific Remedies

Personalized Numerology Report

Answer to your one query

Basic Varshphal Report

The Basic version of the Yearly Horoscope Report contains Yearly Horoscope Predictions for two years starting from your birthdate of the current month. The detailed horoscope contains monthly predictions for the entire year to help you make the best out of the year and plan it in accordance to the planetary positions and their area of influence.

  • Basic Horoscope Details
  • 24-month predictions
  • Muntha lord prediction
  • Ascendant lord prediction
  • Year lord prediction
  • Varsh Yoga Consideration
  • Vimshottari Dasha

Premium Yearly Horoscope Report

The Premium report of the Yearly Horoscope 2022 features two additional factors. The report comes armed with not just one, but two detailed predictions- Monthly Horoscope Predictions 2022 and Yearly Horoscope Predictions 2022. But it doesn’t stop there- you will also get Numerology Predictions for two years to complete your set and get you all sorted for the coming years.

  • Basic Horoscope Details
  • Complete Basic Yearly Horoscope Report
  • Monthly Horoscope Report for 24 months
  • Numerology Report

Premium Plus Yearly Horoscope Report

The Premium version of the Varshphal Report comes with a consultancy with an expert astrologer. You can get the detailed Yearly Horoscope along with an answer to your question, handwritten by our astrologer. The report features:

  • Complete Basic Varshphal Report, along with
  • Astrologer consultancy,
  • And a personalised answer to your question.

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