Your Daily Horoscope

Every day brings new hopes with it. We humans remain anxious about the future and wish to know it well in advance. With Today’s Horoscope, you may know how your day will be? Whether the day is positive or negative can be known just through a click of a button. Your daily horoscope as per your zodiac sign guides you throughout your routine activities. If you are looking for the place where you can get the most accurate daily horoscope today predictions then it is the end of your search. You may check out your daily predictions based on your zodiac signs. With these predictions you get a thorough idea of your complete day and then can plan your day-schedules accordingly.

On this website you will find the most accurate daily predictions in the form of Today’s horoscope. The predictions are based on the daily motions of the planet Moon in relation to the other planets. The degrees and various states of the planets are also taken into considerations while predicting your daily horoscope. You will be amazed to know the level of correctness of the predictions and most of the time your day exactly goes as per the indications given in your daily horoscope. All you need to do is to click o your zodiac sign and you are ready with your daily predictions for a particular day.

The daily horoscope gives insights into your education, health, love, finance, marriage and career for a particular day. You may use this valuable information to plan your day in a beneficial manner. Moreover, our experts also suggest the Do’s and Don’ts and specified remedies to avoid undesired results and attract prosperity at the same time.

There are several reasons for the people to read their daily horoscope. Even an ordinary person with not much interest in Astrology also reads it for sheer curiosity and its accuracy. Even youngsters remain interested in knowing the fate of their love, career and education with its easy accessibility. We have ever increasing number of users reading their daily horoscope on daily basis. The first thing they do in the morning to read their daily horoscope in Hindi, which is almost true to suit their day. We also include the transit of the planets into various nakshatras to come very close to the accurate predictions. This is the reason why our millions of readers find effective solutions to their daily troubles by knowing them in advance and performing astrological remedy for the day.

Why people have a huge attraction towards daily Horoscope?

Curious minds- We all have curiosity to know about the future. There is something about knowing the future that fascinates us a lot and we can’t help but to get attracted towards the daily horoscope. Your free horoscope 2022 is an effective means to know your times ahead and take timely precautions. You may know various amazing things through the hints provided in the predictions which otherwise was impossible for anyone to know.

Difficult times- when we go through difficult times, we always look for the correct guidance that could suggest what to do next? Our daily horoscope performs this task without fail by giving us indications about what we can expect today. Suggestions regarding various aspects of life make it easier for us to leave behind false expectations and accept the reality. Today’s Horoscope certainly provides a ray of hope in extreme darkness.

Love life- whether it’s a perfect day to meet your love of life? Know through your daily love horoscope and save yourself from likely mental disturbances. You may plan a memorable date or introduce your love to your family if your daily horoscope shows a positive day for you.

Career and Business – Do you need to sign important documents today? Check your daily horoscope to know any possibility of any risks or threats involved. Whether it is a supportive day to ask for your promotions or other perks may be known through your daily horoscope. Whether your sub-ordinates and seniors will support and appreciate you may also be foreseen even before you head to your office. Even in Business or while making any long term investment, you can check your daily horoscope to know about the auspiciousness of the day.

A Boon for Stock Traders- Since you know how the planets will behave on a particular day, you may estimate whether to take risks or play safe while trading in stocks on a specific day. Important days of religious significance- Your daily horoscope also mentions about the days of religious significance and the required remedies or other activities to attract prosperity in life. Certain days are so auspicious that if you perform certain activities as prescribed in your daily horoscope bring success and happiness in life.

Look for the easiest and fastest accessibility

With smart phones sticking into your hands all the time, accessing your daily horoscope is just a piece of cake for all. You just need to switch to the Leo mobile app and your daily horoscope is in front of your eyes. You may read it on the go or while sipping coffee. It is extremely convenient to read it anytime of the day and get valuable information regarding any aspect carrying much importance for you on that specific day.

Upgrade your Daily Horoscope

It is clearly understood how valuable the daily horoscopes are for us. Students, Office-goers, Business men, Professionals, Sport persons, Lovers, Married people and everyone can take benefits of the daily horoscope to take important decisions in life. The horoscopes can be of two types-

General Horoscope- This is the horoscope based on your zodiac sign and at the same time many people belonging to the same zodiac sign read it. But do you imagine that every zodiac sign shares the same fate on a specific day? Absolutely not! The general horoscope as mentioned in the newspapers, magazines and online portals give generalized predictions that may or may not predict your day accurately.

Personal Horoscope- Personal horoscope is a personalized horoscope of a person whereby predictions are given for that individual only. The native has to provide his/her birth details through online mode and get his/her personalized daily predictions which are almost true in that native’s case. Further, the native can take astrology consultation for 100% accurate predictions that cover details of several aspects of life over a span of time. Astrology amazingly takes you ahead of time by keeping you updated and well informed about future events. All important decisions in life should be taken after consulting an astrologer to avoid any regrets later.

Your Weekly Horoscope

It is common to see daily horoscopes or predictions on most of the astrological sites but weekly horoscope is something that only a good astrological site can provide. If you wish to know about your coming week in advance then you should switch to the weekly horoscope predictions as provided here at this website.

Daily predictions are based on the movements of the Moon and the astrologers predict the day based on the movement of the Moon in various good and bad houses for a particular zodiac sign. This is rather an easy task as compared to the weekly horoscope predictions where the astrologers need to go in depth to ascertain various planetary effects at the life of the native.

Read your weekly predictions by clicking on your zodiac sign and remain well prepared for the coming times. The astrological remedies suggested for your zodiac sign are sure to take you out of the difficult times ahead. Awareness is the key to success and with weekly horoscope predictions you may get a promise of the same!

Why weekly horoscope is important?

Weekly horoscope is an extension of your daily horoscope and is predicted at a broader level than the daily horoscope. It helps a person to decide upon the actions and decisions about to happen in a week’s time. The indications of the weekly horoscope help the person to decide whether to take or defer some of the required actions in day-to-day life.

  • A weekly horoscope gives you a fair idea of each day of the week and you know the status of each day of the week well in advance. Now, you may plan your important work on the specified auspicious day while maintaining low profile on less auspicious days.
  • The weekly horoscope also tells about important tithis as per Hindu Panchang and it becomes easier for the native to plan auspicious occasions on these tithis without seeking any external help.
  • If anything important is pending in the next week like change in job, transfer, travel, promotion announcement, fix up of a marriage, a competitive exam or other. In that case, you may get valuable insights through your weekly horoscope.
  • The reading of weekly horoscope on regular basis helps you understand the occurrences and events around you. You understand things better and can always find a reason for success or failure in a particular task based on your weekly predictions.
  • You tend to get better control on life and inculcate a habit of discipline and determination in your lifestyle through regular reading of your weekly horoscope.
  • Reading horoscope for the coming week also proves beneficial as there are times when planets exert bad impact on particular zodiac signs in a certain week but put extremely beneficial results in the coming week. So, it is always advisable to look for the weekly horoscope for at least two weeks ahead to get a clearer picture.
  • The most important part of the weekly horoscope is the remedies as prescribed by our expert astrologers. Many can indicate about the challenging times ahead but only our experienced astrologers may tell you the way to overcome these difficult times. The natives may perform the astrological remedies on the prescribed days as stated by the weekly predictions.
  • If your weekly horoscope indicates an auspicious week ahead, it’s time to undertake an important project or task as there are bright chances of getting success in it.
  • Similarly, all aspects of life including education, love life, career, business, health, surgery, investment decisions, short and long travels and others can be planned as per the indications of your weekly horoscope predictions.
  • The weekly horoscope may help you to estimate the results of a competition if it is likely to occur in the coming week. You may always take necessary measures to turn things in your favor with the help of prior knowledge.
  • Medical treatments taken on the auspicious days of the week prove fruitful and many people prefer to undertake their medical treatments and surgeries on the prescribed beneficial days of the week.
  • It gives a considerably good idea to the native to undertake important tasks expected to finish in a week’s time.
  • Decisions involving risks can also be taken by referring the weekly horoscopes for the next week as well. This gives you a good idea about the coming times and the result of your decisions.

The difference in the daily and weekly horoscopes

In daily horoscope predictions, the astrologers mainly look at the transit of the Moon in various zodiac signs and houses. The daily horoscope is general in nature and it is always desirable to go for personalized daily horoscope by registering at good astrological sites. In weekly horoscope, the transit of the Moon is studied under the influence of other planetary transits. The transit of the Moon and other planets in various nakshatras and their padas are also considered to get a refined detail of the transits for a particular zodiac sign. Vedhas of the planets are also considered to get the accurate predictions for your coming week. Thus, the weekly horoscope requires more expertise, knowledge and experience on the part of an astrologer.

Personalized Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope is an effective way of getting information about your coming week but at the same time it is based on zodiac signs in general and all people belonging to a specific zodiac can’t get the same results. Personalized weekly horoscope gives absolute true picture of your coming week and you will be amazed to see how the personalized predictions match to your coming week’s events. You just need to provide your basic birth details through an online mode on this website and you are ready with your personalized horoscope. In personalized weekly horoscope, our expert astrologers studies your birth chart and various related divisional charts like D-9 and D-10 etc. in depth and after that applies the current transits to it. No predictions can turn out to be 100% accurate until it is backed by the careful analysis of the birth chart. The running dasha of the native also plays a pivotal role in getting the desired results. So, a personalized weekly horoscope is a detailed amalgamation of all the required astrological information to come up with 100% accurate predictions. The astrologers also provide effective remedies to overcome foreseen challenges in the coming week based on your personal details. Now, you may imagine if you perform the astrological remedies based on your personal predictions then there are absolutely no chances of failure!

Your Monthly Horoscope

We plan our monthly budget and expenses based on our monthly salary or earnings. There is something important about the month’s planning because planning on daily or weekly basis is too short a planning and planning on yearly basis needs a long term vision. In such case, planning on monthly basis derives fruitful results. Monthly planning based on our monthly horoscope predictions is a sensible way to chalk out our monthly plans.

Astrology is a science of knowing future in advance and arrange for the unforeseen times ahead. There are many important decisions in life like sitting for a competitive exam, going overseas, change or transfer in job, marriage proposals, business proposals or expansion plans, financial decisions, medical conditions or some surgery etc. These and many others are life changing decisions and the native is required to know all the repercussions before zeroing on any final decision. In such situation if you are aware of coming times in the next month then it becomes easier for you to plan your month effectively to take maximum benefits in the coming month.

Why a Monthly horoscope is important?

A monthly horoscope gives you valuable information based on weekly basis. It gives a broader picture than weekly horoscope predictions and daily horoscopes. A daily horoscope facilitates a very short term planning based on the day’s forecast. Similarly, in a weekly horoscope also, you may plan for 6-7 days but in monthly horoscope, you get a fair idea as how the whole coming month will prove for you. It gives you a broader picture for more effective future planning.

  • Like other horoscopes, Monthly horoscope is also based on planetary transits. It is important to know that almost 4-5 planets based on their movements change signs every month. Out of these, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are sure to change signs except in their retrograde motion. We already know that the transits of planets largely affect our lives. So, the astrologers predict our monthly horoscope keeping due dates and effects of all transits in mind. This gives accurate picture of the times ahead and we can prepare well in advance.
  • The monthly horoscope also contains information about important tithis of religious significance. The information of solar and lunar eclipse if pertaining in that particular month can also be known through your horoscope. So, it becomes easier for you to understand which days are to be selected or neglected for your important tasks. Generally, people avoid eclipse days for carrying out any important work or activity.
  • Monthly horoscope is very important from the career and business prospects. If your monthly horoscope promises a bright month ahead, you can comfortably plan for expansion of your current business or enter some new business ventures. Employed people may successfully know the time of their promotion and other perks. One week may be better than the other and your monthly horoscope contains information on weekly basis as well. You may carefully select the dates as prescribed in your horoscope for monthly predictions to take benefits of the auspicious days.
  • One may easily get the monthly horoscope just by clicking on one’s zodiac sign. The predictions for the whole month including the days when you need to remain careful are told in advance. You are aware which days may make you spend extra bucks and which days may take you on a fun trip with friends. Not just this, you may also dare to ask for holidays or salary hikes from your boss on those most promising and auspicious days as suggested by your monthly horoscope.
  • Those following a religious and spiritual life can take benefits of the monthly horoscope to know the important dates for observing fasts and other religious activities. The monthly horoscope is based on Hindu Panchang which effectively amalgamates important religious days with your day-to-day life.
  • Life is not about seeking solution when you are in the dire need but it requires you to follow certain life style or activities to be followed on daily basis. The astrological remedies may help you in your difficult times but the efficacy is more if you do them on regular basis. The monthly horoscope suggests astrology remedies to be performed on daily or weekly basis so that you derive maximum benefits from them. Weekly and daily remedies based on the whole moth’s predictions are an effective means to remove obstacles and difficulties likely to arise in your way of success and prosperity.

Your Personalized Monthly Horoscope

A monthly horoscope is no doubt a valuable asset but if you go for your personalized monthly horoscope then the level of accuracy raises to almost 100%. Monthly horoscope gives a general idea about the coming month which remains the same for the people belonging to the same zodiac sign, which practically is not possible.

A personalized monthly horoscope is made after taking your natal chart into consideration. The planetary positions in various houses of your birth chart along with the running dasha play a very important role in the fructification of the transit results. To get the most accurate predictions, we suggest you to opt for your personalized monthly horoscope. The position of the planets in your birth chart plays a significant role in deciding the outcome of the planetary transits on your life. A learned astrologer never predicts in isolation and every detail of the kundli needs to be analyzed carefully to know what exactly you may expect in the coming month.

The birth chart, your divisional charts, ashtak varga system, running dasha and transits all need to be studied in relation to each other to come up with the most accurate predictions. Only a learned astrologer may perform this intricate task that requires much expertise and experience. Moreover, the astrological remedies based on your personal readings are much more effective to bring you immediate relief and strengthen your way to progress in future. You may achieve success in no time by performing the daily and weekly remedies specially chalked out for you based on your personal monthly predictions.


Awareness always keeps you ahead of times and you may win any challenging situation with your wisdom. A monthly horoscope definitely helps you in this competitive world where everyone wishes to lead others. Take valuable insights from your monthly horoscope and use them in your daily life to attract prosperity and peace of mind.

Your Yearly Horoscope

Find out the high and low phases for you in the year ahead, and make your plans accordingly. Take precautionary measures for the negative phases, and make the best of the good times!



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